Reselling Your Piano
We would be happy to help you resell your piano. First, you and I need to determine what you have and what it is worth.

If you are not certain as to what you have, or what it is worth you can go through our Free Virtual Appraisal to determine on your own what you may have and how much it may be worth. If you need further personal assistance, a Level 1 Appraisal may be needed to help determine the piano’s general value.

If you know what you have, and what it is worth, contact us. Tell us everything you know about the piano, as well as how much money you would like to get for it. We will contact you if your piano is one we can resell or purchase.

If you want us to resell your piano so that you can buy or trade in for another, contact us us with the information on the piano you wish to sell, and what you would like to replace it with.

If you prefer personal professional assistance and do not want to go through the free virtual appraisal to help determine the value of your piano you wish to resell click here.