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If you do not have time to do the research on your own,  or you know that the piano holds enough value to warrant an onsite appraisal, we can send a  Professional Piano Technician to do all the work for you. On site appraisals range from $125-$275 depending on the pricing of the technicians in your area.  Click Here to set up an appraisal onsite 


If  you are not sure the piano holds enough value to warrant an appraisal and want to “Talk to Dave”, here is how we can work together. You can be my eyes and ears, and answer as many questions about the piano as you can, and take the photos of the specific parts of the piano that will tell me what kind of condition the piano is in. What information will I need? Click Here to find out.  When you make your purchase in my web store, Cool Stuff For Musicians, you will be sent your Piano Appraisal worksheet, with the questions and photo instructions.

For an Email and Phone Consultation  $47

For an Email Only Consultation  $27 .


Take advantage of 4 decades of full time Piano Technician experience for only  $7  With your information and photos, a quick look will tell me if your piano holds value, and in most cases I will be able to tell you what your piano is worth.

(You will be directed to my music accessory store, Cool Stuff for Musicians)

Musically and Sincerely,
David Estey, Registered Piano Technician


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